Hamzeh Ch. - Traffic Blackbook 2 (2013)

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Автор: Chad Hamzeh
Название: Traffic Blackbook 2
Год: 2013
Формат: .mp4, mp3, pdf
Сайт: здесь
BRAND NEW for 2013...
"This Secret Traffic System Has Generated 57,000,000 Visitors, Prospects and BUYERS In The Last 2 Years Alone...
... Imagine What It Will Do For YOUR Business!"
TRAFFIC BLACK BOOK Upgraded for 2013:
The #1 bestselling, most respected paid traffic generation training program online.
You'll be able to:
Generate near-unlimited, targeted traffic to your website…
Grow your website's clicks, leads and sales using by leveraging Facebook, Adwords and media buys…
Get profitable fast with advanced strategies to cut your costs and boost your bottom line…
Here's what's inside Traffic Blackbook...
Описание далее
Module 1
Paid Traffic Pioneer
(with Chad Hamzeh)
Welcome to the exciting (and lucrative) world of paid traffic.
In this first module, I'll show you why it's the easiest and fastest way to increase your profits and scale up quickly – even if you never DREAMED of spending money on traffic before.
You'll find out...
The mindset shift you need to succeed with paid traffic (and why even the best prepared fail miserably if they overlook THIS...)
The 5 different things you should be ready to ruthlessly 'murder' in a campaign. Spot these hidden signs to prevent major profit leaks
Case Studies: Discover the near endless possibilities with paid traffic. Take a peek behind the curtain of my private (and most profitable) campaigns
Module 2
The Sales Vacuum
Maximize profit from every
click to your site.
(with Chad Hamzeh)
You'll discover...
LIVE Case Studies include: Driving traffic to profitable offers... Landing page secrets with real examples of pages and tactics I'm using right now... Ethical bribes... Profit-boosting trials and opt-ins... AND how I use list-segmenting to turn browsers into buyers...
The 7 most effective, low risk offers that KILL on paid traffic. This is how to generate valuable buyer leads right off the bat...
Revealed: My very own weight loss offer running and profitable right now. See everything in the funnel, sales video, offer, exit page... nothing held back.
Module 3
Strategic Planning And Digging For Gold
(with Chad Hamzeh)
You'll practically guarantee the success of every traffic campaign when Mike gives you...
A complete breakdown of the major traffic sources. Detailed by industry, target markets and the potential ROI...
Get laser-like focus on your customer demographic. Find out who they are, where they are, what they want... and how to sell it to them.
The mind-boggling $100,000 ADAY ad placement strategy few know about. And the killer app that lets you track THOUSANDS of profitable ads all across the net...
Module 4
Killer Ad Creatives
and Lucrative
Landing Pages
(with Mike Colella)
Here's how to ethically swipe already-successful templates and techniques to fasttrack your success.
Find out...
4 little-known elements for a wildly successful banner ad. Watch Mike rip apart the biggest profit-pulling banners online right now...
Mike's secret resources for banner creation. Including quick 'n' dirty ad copy methods and software you can use to crank out polished ads today.
Case Study: Take a look 'under the hood' of a kick-ass landing page. Why it works, how it works and how to make it congruent for each traffic source...
PLUS: You'll learn even more high-level persuasion secrets such as: being liked by your prospects... stamping your authority... the power of social proof... scarcity... reciprocity... consistency and commitment (with quiz-style landing pages)... AND...
Advanced strategies like micro-commitments and leveraging the 'state of awareness' of your prospects
Module 5
Testing, Tracking
And Optimization Masterclass
(with Nana-Gilbert Baffoe - Tracking 202)
Tracking and optimizing your campaigns is key to your success. Essential when it comes to buying paid traffic.
If you don't know your ROI... if you don't know what you're spending or how much you're pulling in... you can't possibly know if you're on-target.
You'll find out...
A complete walkthrough of how to set-up your tracking. Monitor every click, every visitor, every potential buyer that hits your site. Plug cash-leaks in your funnel and experience a sudden profit- surge.
Easy ways to split test your ads. Split-testing is like finding hidden treasure in your business. You could be a single word-change away from doubling your revenue.
Landing page conversion and optimization. Ratchet up conversions by cutting costs... identifying your best-performing ads... grabbing the most effective ad placements... zoom in on your demographics... and be sure your chosen ad network is a tight fit for your product.
When you get testing and tracking down... you'll automatically know how to drive the 'right' traffic, cut costs to a minimum and tweak your webpage until
it spits out money.
Module 6
Drive Massive Traffic
Bring out the big guns
(with Chad Hamzeh)
Let's kick things up a gear.
You've got the basics down. Now it's time to unleash a virtual onslaught of hits, clicks and eager prospects to your sites...
WARNING: In this section you'll have 4 major traffic sources to choose from. To begin with, I strongly recommend you focus on mastering only ONE.
1. Direct To Site Buying
You'll discover...
Go Big Go DIRECT -- the simplest, quickest and easiest way to approach websites direct. You'll get the best prices, more transparency, low competition and easy optimization and traffic flow...
Which sites to go after -- how to start off small and targeted... and then scale up to almost limitless amounts of traffic (and revenue). PLUS: Actual sites I'm running buys on right now!
Software automation -- the best tools to help you spy on competitors and uncover where your audience hang out. (Including the FREE software tool I spend 99% of my time glued to.)
BONUS STRATEGY: How to avoid being fleeced! What you *should* be paying for each traffic source. And high-level negotiation strategies to get the most bang for your buck.
PLUS: Find out how I pre-frame prospects with different creatives. This applies to ALL traffic. It's how I drive costs down, get RELEVANT clicks and make consistent sales.
2. Display Advertising With BIG Networks
Here's how to take advantage of tens of thousands of sites at one time -- by buying through a network. One of the fastest ways to get your ad across hundreds of sites quickly.
It can quickly become 'hands-free' and you can scale FAST. But there are a couple drawbacks you must be aware of...
Find Out...
What you need to have in place BEFORE you even think about approaching the networks...
How to launch a campaign, monitor and optimize on larger networks. Including the importance of "The Profit Pixel". Without this, your campaign is toast!
The networks I personally use for my campaigns (including a 'secret weapon' I almost held back).
See examples of great ads, the one ad size I strongly recommend... AND... a little-known, FREE plugin I use to help locate even more traffic sources.
3. The Google Display Network
Of all the networks Google's is bigger, higher quality AND (because it's selfserve) you can access it right away. Why display and not search? Simple. The Google Display Network reaches 92.7% of all online browsers!
Why Google has bigger reach than any other network, can be up to 60% cheaper, is the easiest to use... and... the one "fatal flaw" that means it should only be ONE PART of your traffic strategy...
My personal (and very aggressive) bidding strategies. Including examples of actual campaigns and how to scale to an almost infinite level with advanced pre-framing techniques...
How to avoid getting slapped around, shut down and kicked out of town by Google. Find out the Top 5 mistakes people make so you can skip over them and breeze through Google approval...
PLUS: get a taste of how to use Google's "remarketing" feature. Expand your reach and target the folks who didn't purchase first time... and close the sale 2nd time around!
4. Facebook Traffic
One of the most effective ad networks in the world right now. Easy to learn, tricky to master. Let me show you how I generate quality, targeted traffic with Facebook...
An "insiders" look at the Facebook paid traffic landscape. What's working right NOW and how to choose the right types of FB ads for your business including external pages, internal pages and the brand new Page Post ads...
The roller-coaster ride of Facebook ad approval. Sneaky tips to leap over the any obstacles "Zuck" puts in your way... and... how to leverage a 'web of trust' to get approved.
Brand new strategies for campaign creation and bidding. Watch over my shoulder as I create a Facebook campaign in real time!
PLUS: You'll discover how to create an ultra-successful Facebook campaign... and keep it that way. By the time you go through this 4-part module you'll have everything you need to create a cascade of near-unlimited traffic.
Now? Here's how to squeeze the most profit from every single click...
Module 7
The "R" Stands For Retargeting
(with Julian Farley)
Retargeting is a thing of beauty. Did you know it takes an average of 12 times for a prospect to be exposed to your sales message BEFORE they buy?
With retargeting technology you can bring them back to your site again and again until they cave in and fork over their hard-earned.
Let Julian Farley give you an insiders look at the tips and tricks to getting maximum ROI on your retargeting...
Find out how retargeting works, why it's awesome for branding, how it increases conversion rates and why you're leaving bundles of cash on the table if you're not using it...
How to plan and begin your very first retargeting campaign. Plus how to launch and segment your audience to crank up your leads, sales and revenue...
The best networks to use (depending on your own particular offer). And high-level strategies to get the best ROI...

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