- Insights from a Business Coach ( 2012)

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Автор: Crenshaw Dave
Название: Insights from a Business Coach
Год: 2012
Формат: mov
Сайт: здесь
Get a glimpse of what it takes to start and successfully run a business in this candid interview with seasoned business coach and author Dave Crenshaw. Discover the secrets of managing priorities, working for your customers, bankrolling an idea, and investing in future success. The course covers tips from getting started as an entrepreneur to pitching to investors and researching the competition.
Topics include:
Finding focus
Increasing brand awareness
Planning ahead
Understanding the importance of company culture
Maintaining customer relationships
Dealing with discouragement
Finding a balance
Описание далее
Interview27m 6s
Getting started as an entrepreneur 1m 28s
Finding focus 1m 5s
Increasing product awareness 1m 33s
Bringing in investors 1m 42s
Pitching to investors 2m 18s
Planning ahead 1m 24s
The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make 1m 27s
Understanding the importance of company culture 1m 18s
Thinking about competition 1m 8s
Exploring entrepreneurship fundamentals 2m 57s
Fostering customer relationships 2m 48s
Marketing with social media 1m 37s
Dealing with discouragement 1m 52s
Finding a balance 1m 33s
Deciding when to move on 1m 42s
Investing in yourself 1m 14s

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